The Man in Blue
A Man like You
You are indeed
A Man so true …

We thank you much
Our lives
you’ve touched
How lucky for those
Who’ve known
you such …

For in our minds
So rare to find
Your genuine heart
So truly kind …

Your actions your deeds
In times of need
No doubt you’ve planted
The ‘Courage’ seed …

To do what’s right
To stay the fight
Throughout the day
Throughout the night …

May we never forget
May we never regret
May we follow the bar
That you have set …

May we live so firm
On unbiased terms
Looking through
our past
May we really learn …

May we all be wise
May we see the lies
May we leave behind
Our selfish ties …

May we care for all
May we heed the call
May we finally be able
To stand so tall …

May all you’ve done
Like a shining sun
Burn bright in our hearts
May we never run …

As we see the cue
Walking in your shoes
May we truly honor
The Man in Blue …

Dr. Soe Moe Lwin

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